The Power of Habit for Sales

I just finished reading a great new book The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.  It is a fascinating glimpse into our brain and the power that habits can have on us, both positively and negatively.  As I was reading I could not help but think of the application to your sales force.  Do you have salespeople who routinely execute at the top of the pack?  It is almost like a habit that they will perform.  As you watch your salespeople, are there some that seem to have a morning routine, socializing with work mates, a couple stops at the coffee pot?  Do they […]

My Salesperson is Extremely Likeable…What is Wrong with That?

I frequently talk with CEOs and Presidents who cannot understand why certain salespeople did not work out for their company.  They found them to be very likeable in the interviewing process, and customers really liked them as well.  These salespeople were friendly and outgoing and got along well with everyone in the office.  So why was it that they could not meet their sales quota?  Were they too likeable?  You might be asking yourself, how can that be possible?  One can never be TOO likeable.  Except if one needs to be liked more than he needs to close business.  Now […]