How Do You Know if Your Salespeople Have or Can Develop the Necessary Sales Competencies?

I recently read Sales Competence, How Do We Know? By David Brock, and the premise was sound to the point that I even wrote down a couple notes.  The article spoke about making lists of competencies, and talked about a sales competency model or framework.  It all made perfect sense.  The example the author gave was of a particular client who listed 150 competencies.  (Whew!  That is a LOT of competencies.)   The general idea is to help aid in hiring the right salespeople, as well as in creating a development path for existing salespeople.

So then I started thinking, how could […]

First Annual Braveheart Games

We did a unique and fun event with clients, prospects, and friends of the firm last week.  We held the First Annual Braveheart Games. See a couple pictures below.  It was a blast both literally and figuratively, and I learned that a unique client outing, although hard work, is memorable and ties people together – you with your clients, and prospects with clients.  My advice is to try something off-the-wall for your next client event.


Do Your Salespeople Have Executive Presence?

This topic of executive presence has been front and center with me lately, and has come up in a wide variety of contexts.  If your sales force sells to consumers or sells products and services to lower level end users in a B2B environment, then executive presence may not be necessary, but it certainly would not hurt.  If your team sells to the C-suite, or has to gain the trust of high level influencers in a complex selling situation, then the concept of executive presence is key.

I was approached recently with the question about teaching executive presence.  As I thought […]

Do You Have Salespeople Who Want to Discount Everything?

Maybe this video clip will give you a perspective on those salespeople who allow every sales opportunity to turn into a price negotiation.  If your salespeople are selling on value by understanding their prospects’ true underlying needs and then providing the solutions that your clients need, then this video doesn’t apply.  But if not, watch on.

The Vendor Client Relationship in Real World Situations