Think Leading Not Lagging by Answering Three Questions

It is that time again when all sales teams start with a fresh slate.  We’re back at ZERO and we have new goals to meet.  Do yourself and your sales team a favor, and make 2013 the year of the leading indicator.  This only requires a little up-front work on your part.  Just determine the answers to the following three questions:

What is the most important activity that your salespeople can do that opens up an opportunity?  In most selling situations, it is the initial discovery appointment where one either determines they have a live opportunity or not.
What percentage of these activities […]

How to Motivate Without Bonuses

I worked with a client throughout 2012 who had to change their compensation plan early in the year to a fixed salary plan, which eliminated bonuses for its salespeople. The sales manager was very uncomfortable with this scenario, because he was highly money motivated.

The good news is that despite the sales manager’s fear about his team performing, they did, in fact, meet their goal for 2012. I guess this really does prove that motivation comes in all different shapes – not just in the form of money.What we learned through using our standard analytical, data-driven analysis with the client is […]