Holding Your Salespeople Accountable – Easier Said Than Done

If you have been a reader of my articles it will not be new to you that I believe the ability to hold your salespeople accountable is one of the most critical skills you must have if you want to succeed in sales management. Unfortunately, it does not necessarily come naturally to everyone. Is it energy draining to have to “babysit” your salespeople? Do you find yourself chasing them for necessary information and reports? You might suffer from an oversized need for approval. And this can get in your way in terms of successfully getting your salespeople to excel.

So here […]

Get Your Salespeople to Shut Up and Listen

Okay everyone knows that to be an effective salesperson one needs to listen to the prospects and clients. So, we all know that, then why is it so difficult to get your salespeople to do it? I have recently noticed that many of the salespeople in my client companies are very seasoned and have been doing their job for many years. They are very experienced, and some are even considered experts in their field. I have discovered that there is frequently an inverse relationship between the experience level of the salesperson or new business developer and the listening they do […]

Outcome Goals vs. Activity Goals

Sure we all know that the scorecard for sales reps is their closed business.  But, if we only focus on this “outcome” goal we may be putting too much pressure on the sales reps to perform and may actually reduce their likelihood of success.


Here’s what I mean.  We all know that our team and each individual needs to hit his or her sales goal.  However, they have absolutely no control over whether or not the prospect will actually buy anything, let alone anything from them.  When we, as managers, constantly harp on the end game, the closed business goal, without […]