Capitalize on the Trends Redefining Selling

Capitalize on the Trends Redefining Selling

I had the privilege recently of speaking at the 2017 Barnes Buchanan Security Conference on the topic: Capitalize on Trends Redefining Selling in the Security Industry. As with many industries, competition and customers’ buying habits continue to influence the security industry marketplace. But, no matter what industry you’re selling in, here are some lessons to learn from the situation and my presentation.

Sly competition from outside companies

The Security Industry is facing many new “wily” competitors in the form of cable companies and internet providers who are now offering security services in addition to entertainment and broadband access. These companies don’t necessarily […]

What I Heard about Sales Compensation Plans <br>at SOUC 2017

What I Heard about Sales Compensation Plans
at SOUC 2017

I recently had the privilege of moderating a panel on sales compensation plans at the SedonaOffice Users Conference. If you were at the conference but missed this panel (or weren’t there and wish you had been), fear not, I have compiled the key points here. For those of you not affiliated with the security industry, keep reading – the principles we discussed at the conference apply to most any business.

First of all, the contributors: I was joined by some wonderful business leaders in the security industry:

Joslyn Alderson from Vancouver Fire & Radius Security
Fred Johnson from Peak Alarm
Bob McVeigh from […]

Common Sales Problems And How To Avoid Them

Common Sales Problems And How To Avoid Them

Recently, Gretchen Gordon was interviewed as part of the “Expert Interview Series” by the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, Eric Quantrom. They discussed common sales problems and how to avoid them, covering such topics as:

How sales organizations can stand out in incredibly competitive and saturated markets
How to determine what an individual’s needs are, so they can best be solved
Ways to stay focused and productive in a digital environment
And more…

You can read the full interview here…

KiteDesk is sales automation provider for B2B sales teams. They bring smarter sales development using the most accurate Internet research technologies and databases […]