sales_team_to_advance_in_technology-resized-600I bought a new Windows Surface Pro computer this weekend.  It’s one of those Windows 8 half tablet/half computer things.  Small and lightweight.  Perfect for my travel needs and it was just in time.  My tablet conked out permanently on Saturday.  I am traveling right now with just the computer and my phone.  I have less to carry and more technological firepower.

But this is not a review of equipment, although I would highly recommend checking out the Surface Pro.  The experience of buying this piece of equipment and then being exposed to new apps and software caused me to be excited and a little overwhelmed.  I have had it now for 4 days and have spent numerous hours just messing around with it.  It has caused me to rethink my whole organizational process and discipline.  What it has also done is alerted me to the fact that I had been terribly complacent.  Just using the same old tools I had always used in the same fashion I had always used them.

There are so many new sales apps and sales software tools hitting the market continuously that we are really depriving ourselves of new efficiencies if we don’t have a plan of attack to constantly be improving our use of and command of new tools and technologies.

This has caused me to think about how many times I have heard business owners and sales team leaders complain about their sales reps lack of use of the technology tools available to them…like CRMs.  Worse yet they just accept when their sales reps ignore the “requirement” to use systems like the CRM.  So whose fault is it if the sales rep fails to incorporate technology into their job?  As the leader of the team, it is YOUR fault.  If you rolled out a new product that had double the gross margins of anything else you sold and you had reps that refused to sell it, you wouldn’t stand for it.  If you moved offices and you had reps that still showed up at the old place and pressed their face to the front door glass trying to get in, you wouldn’t stand for it.  But all too often we allow our reps to become complacent with regard to technology.

Take the lead and embrace technology tools and then if they improve sales efficiency and sales effectiveness get the rest of the team using them too.   Incorporate tools into the sales team that will actually enhance effectiveness then get everyone using them.