Here’s Braveheart founder Gretchen Gordon in a 3-minute video on “How To Effortlessly Manage a Seasoned Salesperson.” Watch the video and read on for a quick synopsis.

Easy and Painless Ways to Help Manage Seasoned Salespeople

Your more seasoned salespeople don’t want to be micromanaged, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they want to be left alone. They still may need some support, and they want to know you are there to help them succeed.

Three Quick Steps:

1) Help them analyze the deals in their pipeline.
2) Help them calculate their math of success.
3) Get them to tell you what activities they are going to do in support of those goals.


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Seasoned salespeople- do you agree with this? Sales Managers, what methods have worked for you? As always, we’d love to know your thoughts and feedback in the comments.