I worked with a client throughout 2012 who had to change their compensation plan early in the year to a fixed salary plan, which eliminated bonuses for its salespeople. The sales manager was very uncomfortable with this scenario, because he was highly money motivated.

Sales Motivation

The good news is that despite the sales manager’s fear about his team performing, they did, in fact, meet their goal for 2012. I guess this really does prove that motivation comes in all different shapes – not just in the form of money.What we learned through using our standard analytical, data-driven analysis with the client is that

none of the salespeople were money motivated. The task was to convince the sales manager that not every salesperson is money motivated. Some get a thrill out of winning the account. Some are motivated by doing the best job they can for the client, and some are stoked about improving their own performance in selling. In a previous blog post, A Must Read: Drive by Daniel Pink, I expressed that not all salespeople are motivated by money. It is up to the sales manager to learn what specifically motivates a salesperson to perform, and help to individually motivate them.

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