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Meet Gretchen Gordon, sales team transformation expert.

Gretchen Gordon

Sales Team Transformation Expert

Gretchen is a sought-after speaker primarily for CEO and President groups, and is also a dynamic speaker for sales team events. Gretchen’s presentations are tailored to the specific event and are filled with nuggets of information that the attendees can take away and act upon immediately. While most of Gretchen’s time is spent helping business leaders who are frustrated with insufficient revenue growth, she enjoys the many opportunities she has to speak to large groups, both as a keynoter and as a session breakout leader at conferences and sales meetings. Gretchen began giving presentations to large groups when she was still in high school, addressing a statewide organization of 1,500 attendees when she was just 17. Her earliest memories of public speaking date back to fourth grade where she improvised an Easter Bunny presentation for the class.


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Owners, Presidents, Top Level Managers

Popular Sales Speaking Topics

How to UPGRADE your Sales Force

So you’ve upgraded your office equipment, vehicles, technology, and image. What about your sales team? Do they have the right stuff to take your company to the next level? In this hard hitting workshop we will identify the 5 common invisible weaknesses that create negative manifestations in sales.

  • Wanna’ know why some of your staff sells on price? How about long sale cycles.
  • Why do some salespeople fold under pressure?
  • Is the competition beating you out of earned business?
  • Revenue is down and the market is changing?
  • Learn how to dismiss excuses that are impacting your bottom line.This workshop is not for the weak at a heart! Learn the combination of hidden weaknesses that are neutralizing your sales team’s effectiveness.

How to hire a SALES SUPERSTAR!

The traditional approach to hiring salespeople doesn’t work anymore. Typically, companies use the same hiring process to hire salespeople as they do every other position.

  • Place the ad
  • Sort through tons of resumes
  • Interview and sell the position and make the offer
  • Hope and pray.

So how do you hire a sales superstar? Change the way you hire salespeople to a proven process that tells you what is going to happen 90 days into the job. In other word…identify upfront not only who can sell, but who will sell. In this workshop we will discuss the fallacies of hiring salespeople and introduce a proven way to identify, attract, screen, phone interview, 1st interview, 2nd interview, making the offer, and what needs to happen in the first 90 days to insure sales success!

Sales Managers vs Salespeople: Understanding Their DNA Differences

Have you ever promoted a sales superstar to manager and been disappointed? Then what do you do? Avoid making this mistake while learning:

  • Why can’t the same person be good at both?
  • How to know if you have a salesperson who could become a great sales manager
  • Identify the common characteristics for both positions and identify the inconsistent characteristics to avoid the pitfall of just promoting your best salesperson to sales manager

Why Most Salespeople Aren’t Performing and What to Do About It

Why don’t they do what they are supposed to? I feel like they just sit by the phone and wait for it to ring. If this sounds familiar then you are not alone. In this seminar we will focus on the key factors that are limiting your sales team’s success including:

  • Understanding my sales team’s sales DNA.
  • Hidden weaknesses that are preventing over achievement.
  • The core competencies of the best salespeople.
  • It all starts with goals. Setting goals and creating a goal plan to actually achieve success.
  • How to know what to do every day to excel – focus your team on the right activity and watch sales soar.

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