scary_useful_sales_tipsLooking for scary useful reads for sales? From “scary good” advice to “scariest sales blunders,” we’ve rounded up the best in Halloween-themed content for your sales team.


Scary Good Idea to Connect with Decision Makers:

If you act RIGHT NOW, you can still take advantage of Lori Richardson’s “Skeleton Strategy” to reach your prospects via snail mail with a memorable Halloween twist. Here’s why it’s worth your time: a 79% response rate in the past three years that she has tracked her results with this strategy. It works best with buyers you have reached at least once previously. Read more about it on the ScoreMoreSales Blog.

Treats – Not Tricks – for Your Sales Team:

Halloween is not just for kids! Boost your sales team’s engagement and motivation with one of these suggested tools from Nancy Nardin:, Gorilla Expense, BombBomb, and PostWire. One caveat: the blog post is not dated and given the fast pace of technology, additional research is recommended to confirm the currency of these tools. Read more about why you should consider these sales productivity tools on the Smart Selling Tools Blog.

How Sales Managers Can Reduce Fear In the Sales Process:

Ken Thorenson wrote this post last year for, and it is still as relevant now as it was then. It addresses the question of what business owners and sales managers can do to reduce fear in their sales teams, and in turn what salespeople can do to minimize fear in prospects and clients. He goes on to give three tips that can help get you started down that path.

Scary Traits You Don’t Want to See In Your Sales Team:

This post from Lead Forensics identified some bad traits you should exorcise from your sales team at once, for fear of hurting sales. They include: a bad attitude, disorganization, laziness and lack of focus. Read the post for their tips on how to fix these ghoulish traits before your bottom line is doomed.


Sales Call Horror Stories:

Last year Devon McDonald at Openview Labs put together a compilation of nightmarish sales experiences from five sales industry insiders. The stories were shared by Mike Weinberg, Jeff Hoffman, Dave Brock, Steve Richard, and John Barrows. Read their tales of woe here.

Scary Sales Leads (Infographic):

Back in 2013, Matt Wesson posted a fun infographic titled “10 Types of Scary Sales Leads” on Salesforce Pardot. If you’ve somehow not yet seen this, you must check out the detailed descriptions of lead personas including ratings by degree of scariness, information about rarity, annoyance and persistence levels and how much time each type of lead sucks. Most importantly, there are tips on how to cure each type! Take a look; odds are you already know some of these: the Witch, the Zombie, the Vampire, the Ninja, the Mummy, the Pirate, the Princess, the Werewolf, the Superhero and the Mad Scientist. Share this with someone who you think will enjoy it.

Horrifying Sales Follow-up Emails: 

This new post from Caroline Malamut at Capterra is both humorous and practical. The scariest thing about the examples she uses is that they are all too real. Frightening subject lines, shockingly incorrect data and terrifying email copy make for emails that are dead on arrival. Read the post to get some tips on how you can help end these monstrosities.

By the way, did you receive a SCARY bad cold email this Halloween? Send it over to SalesFolk’s Hall of Shame.

Halloween Costumes for Closers:

Would you choose your Halloween costume based on its similarity to what you do in real life? That’s the premise of this entertaining read from Vidya Drego of AppMesh Blog. Her costume picks for sales reps? Boxer, genie, psychiatrist, private investigator and famous salesperson. Read the post to find out why.

Scary Sales Math:

Last but not least, here is a post from the Braveheart Blog discussing The Scary Math Associated With Producing Unqualified Proposals. Get your sales team to stop chasing tricks and go for the treats. Bonus: use our Math of Sales Success Worksheet with your team to avoid packing your pipeline with phantom leads.


Don’t doom your fourth quarter by falling prey to scary sales conditions.

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