sales_opportunities_in_decemberTips! Fresh ideas! Data! Good reasons to overcome your (internal) holiday season selling objections!

Here’s our round-up of what you should be doing this holiday season to grow your sales, plus how to do it, according to people who know. Convinced your particular sales situation is beyond hope during the month of December, no matter what anyone says? Don’t worry, we have ideas for you too…read on.

 From the Women Sales Pros network:

Read this if: You want quick, accessible tips you can use right now.

Title: 12 Tips to Close Your Deals in December

Author: Kendra Lee

Source: Sales Gravy Blog

Published: unknown

Time to Digest: 3 minutes

The Gist: Twelve straightforward, actionable ideas to generate some new business before year end. One example: “Review all the proposals you closed this year and make a list of things customers decided to ‘wait to do.’ Close them now.” Read it here.


Read this if: You have high-level prospects and/or you want more reasons to justify December selling.

Title: ‘Tis the Season to Reach Decision Makers

Author: Caryn Kopp

Source: Alice Heiman Blog

Published: unknown

Time to Digest: 5 minutes

The Gist: Kopp lays out five important reasons why you should be prospecting in December. She covers the unique circumstances that exist at this time of year, which potentially create opportunities for entry — especially when trying to reach senior level decision makers. Take her advice before your competitor does! Read it here.


Read this if: You want a quick reminder of how the Christmas spirit can go horribly awry in the sales context.

Title: Does Playing Santa Work in Selling?

Author: Jill Konrath

Source: Jill Konrath Blog

Published: not available

Time to Digest: 3 minutes

The Gist: In this post, Konrath analogizes a sales approach where the salesperson comes bearing tons of goodies: brochures, case studies, samples, etc. She calls this the “playing Santa Claus” approach; basically, throw everything out randomly and see if anything sticks. It’s as effective as it sounds. The “real” Santa, as Konrath points out, would prepare for a sales meeting, which includes finding out what’s on the prospects’ list, checking his list twice, and then giving them what they ask for. This post is older but still relevant; read it here.



Read this if: You want quick, straightforward tips you can use now, without any fuss.

Title: 6 Ways to Ramp Up Your Sales Now!

Author: Alice Heiman

Source: Alice Heiman Blog

Published: unknown

Time to Digest: 3 minutes

The Gist: This post is short and sweet, with six actionable — albeit simple —  tips to get in gear for the end of the year. One important reminder that can be easily overlooked amidst a busy holiday season, particularly as it applies to sales: be happy! Read it here. 

Other worthy reads from around the web:


Read this if: You’re inclined to give up on sales during the holidays and you need some insight into the potential value.

Title: 7 Advantages to Selling During the Holidays

Author: Mark Hunter

Source: Salesforce Blog

Published: December 17, 2014

Time to Digest: 3 minutes

The Gist: Last year Mark Hunter wrote this round-up of seven sensible arguments why you should be engaged in sales-related activities (prospecting, selling, nurturing relationships, etc.) during the holiday season. Read it here. If you want more, he also has another post, Why You Should Prospect During the Holidays, on the Sales Hunter Blog.


Read this if: You are in B2B, particularly for online sales or SaaS, and/or you prefer your sales blog posts to be supported by a healthy dose of data.

Title: Why Your Inside Sales Team Should Work Around the Holidays

Author: Derek Singleton

Source: Salesforce Blog

Published: December 20, 2013

Time to Digest: 6-8 minutes

The Gist: This post from two years ago centers on B2B sales opportunities around the holidays. Singleton analyzed the online behavior of visitors to his B2B website, Software Advice, and found that conversion and qualification rates remained strong through the holidays, despite an overall drop in website traffic. Plus, he speculates, their odds of closing are increased as some other sales teams don’t work around the holidays. Singleton provides visuals for the traffic changes, conversion rates, and qualification rates during the six days prior and three days after Christmas, as well as from New Year’s Eve through 5 days after New Year’s Day. His key takeaways include considering a skeleton inside sales team to work during these days. Read the full post here.

sales_opportunities_in_decemberRead this if: You are looking for something other than closing to get you through the rest of the year, and/or you have identified hiring as a priority for your organization in the coming year.

Title: December Is The Critical Month to Recruit (And Retain) Salespeople

Author: Dr. John Sullivan

Source: ERE Recruiting Intelligence Blog

Published: December 7, 2015

Time to Digest: 5 minutes

The Gist: Even if your sales operation has exceeded all expectations, you still can’t rest on your laurels come December. Presenting data from Entelo, Dr. Sullivan argues that December is a critical window for “right time” sales recruitment, with “…nearly 50 percent of all employee turnover in the sales group [occurring] during a narrow time period around the end of the year.” The beauty of this endeavor is its relevance to sales organizations of nearly any size, and that it’s a high-impact activity that can be undertaken regardless of the state of your December sales. Among Dr. Sullivan’s suggested action steps: examine your sales turnover, examine your quality of hire, develop a year-end recruiting plan, put together a retention plan for your sales team, and identify other “right time” spikes in turnover. Read it here.


Read this if: You want easily-digestible ideas for sales improvement (in the broad sense, not just near-term closing) that are a bit different from the expected.

Title: How to Maintain Sales Productivity During the Holiday Season

Author: Gareth Goh

Source: Insight Squared Blog

Published: December 10, 2014

Time to Digest: 5 minutes

The Gist: This is a light read, but there are some fresh ideas here that you may not find on all other sales blogs. Goh starts with the golden goose egg of insights for approaching sales in December, which is: don’t make assumptions about what your prospects are doing! After all, that is the mentality that leads to backing off of sales prospecting in December altogether, and, as we’ve seen, there are rewards to be had when you resist that urge and stick with it. Read the whole post here.


Summing It Up:

When you see all of the sales opportunities that are there for the taking in December, you may realize you’ve underestimated your sales potential. After you exhaust these ideas for follow-on sales, closing old leads, nurturing relationships, and growing your sales team, you can always use any down time to solidify your plans for 2016 and straighten up your CRM. But honestly, with this list of ideas and only so many hours in the day, who is going to have down time?

Did we miss a good sales post for end-of-year hunting or other worthy sales endeavors? Let us know how you plan to get more sales this December in the comments!

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