As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I held The Braveheart Games, a client event where we shot all types of guns, threw hatchets and rocks, and caused a few explosions.  The shooting skill of the participants ran the gamut of experience.  I witnessed one of the range safety officers helping a relatively inexperienced shooter with an AR-15 rifle in fully automatic mode.  Instead of just telling her to push her left hand forward, he gently touched her hand and showed her what he was describing.  He had her perform the skill with his guidance.

This is a great teaching lesson for sales.  Salespeople need to practice their craft continuously, just like a professional athlete.  They must constantly practice, and they need a coach to guide them.  That coach is their sales manager.  So, as their manager/coach show them how to do it.  Role play, role play, role play.  That’s how you show them.  Role play as the salesperson and show them you are not afraid to do it. Then switch roles and have them be the salesperson.  It is like taking batting practice as a baseball player or shooting at a shooting range.  The more you do it under the guidance of a good coach, the better you get.  I remember from my sports playing years the phrase, “Perfect practice makes permanent”.  That is what you are going for in your selling practice and role playing as well.   Help your sales team practice so their sales skills are permanent and remember to show ‘em how it’s done.