RecruiterWould you know what to do if your best salesperson left? Do you have a plan to grow the team? Effective sales managers are always recruiting. Here are a couple of quick tips:  1) When you have a positive experience with a salesperson outside your company, get to know that person to determine whether there would be a fit with your company. 2) Field all the inbound sales calls to your company so you talk with a variety of salespeople calling on your company – you may find a star.  3) Use all the electronic tools available including job posts and LinkedIn to search for potential salespeople.  In spite of the fact that the employment rate is high, it is not high with respect to good salespeople.  You must find them before they are actively searching job postings.

Sales teams are rarely static and a certain amount of turnover is healthy. Rather than viewing recruiting as an event, embrace it as an ongoing, exciting and dynamic opportunity to be constantly upgrading. Like all the jobs of a sales manager, recruiting is never finished.