Four Components to Optimize Your Sales Organization

Four Components to Optimize Your Sales Organization

I recently gave a presentation at the ESA Leadership Summit
on ways to optimize a sales organization. The four components and main points I
discussed are applicable to sales organizations in every kind of industry, so I
want to share them.

As you read, keep this in mind. Focus on what is possible, not what doesn’t apply. Don’t say to yourself, “Yeah, but my company is different.” Rather come at it from the standpoint of, “How can we implement that to make us better?”

First, what do I mean by optimize? The word, as defined by Merriam Webster, is “to make as perfect, […]

Marshmallow or Meanie Pants?

Marshmallow or Meanie Pants?

As a sales leader, there is one overarching thought to keep
in mind: It is your responsibility to push your sales reps to greater heights
than they would achieve on their own. Otherwise, you are excess cost.

When it comes to doing this, too many times we find sales
leaders who are extreme. They either want to be their salespeople’s friend
(marshmallow) or feel like they have to be drill sergeants (meanie pants).

I recently conducted a webinar for a group of both new and experienced sales leaders on this topic. Its focus was on sales leadership accountability and as is true with most […]

Data Reveals Missing Accountability Traits in Sales Leaders

Data Reveals Missing Accountability Traits in Sales Leaders

Statistics abound about the abysmal state of quota attainment by salespeople. We’ve all seen the numbers. Of ourse, the data varies based on whose report you read, but it is safe to say that the majority of reps don’t meet their sales quotas.

However, I would submit that it isn’t all the sales reps’ fault. Many aren’t coached well and don’t understand what is expected of them to produce satisfactory results. They simply aren’t adequately trained and developed in their craft.

Qualities of a Sales Leader

Sales leaders must take some of the blame. There are three main skill areas that indicate […]

Holding Your Salespeople Accountable – Easier Said Than Done

If you have been a reader of my articles it will not be new to you that I believe the ability to hold your salespeople accountable is one of the most critical skills you must have if you want to succeed in sales management. Unfortunately, it does not necessarily come naturally to everyone. Is it energy draining to have to “babysit” your salespeople? Do you find yourself chasing them for necessary information and reports? You might suffer from an oversized need for approval. And this can get in your way in terms of successfully getting your salespeople to excel.

So here […]

Five Mistakes to Avoid in Building Your Sales Force: Third in a Five Part Series

In my experience as a sales performance expert, I have learned that mistakes are better teachers than successes.  With that in mind, it is my hope that there will be some valuable lessons for you as we review some of the most common mistakes to building a successful sales force:

Mistake #3:  Salespeople are not held accountable.

Like most people, salespeople work best when goals are established and they are expected to meet them.  For some reason many companies are negligent about holding their salespeople accountable.  Maybe it is due to the first two mistakes we have discussed—hiring the wrong people without support from strong management.  […]