Braveheart Selling. ..what is that really?  Braveheart is a completely fictitious word, actually.  If you look it up in the dictionary, you will not find it.  I have come up with my own definition as follows:

1: a courageous warrior; 2: one who steadfastly fights for a noble cause

So with the introduction of this Braveheart Selling Blog, I will share ideas and principles that will help sales teams become courageous selling warriors and will teach sales managers the foundation for coaching sales team to become Bravehearts.  At Braveheart Sales Performance, we utilize a very disciplined approach to understanding the sales force and subscribe to the belief that selling takes a desire to be successful and a commitment to improving sales skills.  Similar to the warrior in the movie with the same name, a Braveheart Salesperson has discipline, has a strong desire for success, and is committed to achieving that success.  The Braveheart warrior fights because is it a life or death situation – freedom or oppression.  The Braveheart Salesperson fights because it is a life or death situation – success or failure.  Win the account, or lose.

Through this weekly blog I will share insights into how to build a team of Braveheart warriors, how to motivate them to the cause, and how to help them improve their execution.  This blog will be dedicated to the mangers and sales leaders who are fighting to build the best, most successful team of warriors possible.  I invite your comments and questions.