I need your help. I have just begun writing the book that has been in my head for a few years. It will be a guide for first-time or “rookie” sales managers. It will be released in early 2015 and I may need your feedback from time to time on some of the content.

The intention of the book will be that those novice sales managers will take away the following items from reading the book:

  • Learn exactly what to do to have success with their sales team
  • Understand how to make the transition from salesperson to sales team leader
  • Know how to spend their time to get maximum effectiveness from their sales team
  • Dispel their misconceptions about what it means to be a sales manager
  • Be more effective with less effort than he/she otherwise would be

So, I am asking for a little help from those of you that are in the role of sales manager currently. Please share with me the one thing that you wish someone had told you before you accepted the role of sales manager. What is that one bit of information that, looking back, would have been the most valuable?

Feel free to email me here: ggordon@staging.braveheartsales.com with your thoughts or leave a comment on this article for the public.

Thanks for your help.